Launch Open Access Publishing Platform TiU

Published on 31 August 2020 at 22:12

The brand new Open Press Tilburg University published its first three books today! The electronic versions of these books are freely and openly available for students, researchers and others.


The Open Press TiU is part of the Open Science Action Plan of Tilburg University. The press aims to accelerate Open Access in scholarly book publishing. We believe that every student or researcher should be able to get access to scholarly information, and that every scholar should be able to publish high quality Open Access books, essays and textbooks.


Today, Open Press TiU made its first three (text)books available for Tilburg University students: Basics of American Labour Law by Antoine Jacobs, Introduction to Financial Derivatives by Hans Schumacher and Evidence Based HRM by Brigitte Kroon. The books are the result of years of discussion with fellow-researchers and students of Tilburg University, and will be used by students this very semester and semesters to come. Students can download and uses the e-publication freely; an optional paper edition can be ordered via the webshop. Subsequently, the publishing platform distributes the books widely among university libraries, academic communities and other retailers.


The Open Press TiU is a partnership between the Library of Tilburg University and Wolf Legal Publishers. The press produces Open Access books for affordable book processing charges (BPC’s) and welcomes book proposals for thesis’s, monographs, essays, critical text editions, textbooks and other academic publications. We cordially invite authors to contact us when they want to publish Open Access. We also invite scholars, students and librarians who want to get involved and support our Open Access endeavor, whether as reviewer, board member, funder or otherwise:


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John Dohmen
3 years ago

Wat een geweldige website and hoe geweldig dat je de onderwijsmaterialen gratis kan downloaden en ook nog een geprinte versie kan bestellen voor bijna geen geld. Gefeliciteerd Willem-Jan en Daan ik hoop dat het een geweldige omgeving voor de universiteit gaat worden!